This one will only work if you have a good relationship with the student. When the student starts to get escalated you ask them to run an errand for you. “Johnny, please go to Mrs. Smith and ask for the refill for the hole puncher, mine is empty.”  It might take a few times but Johnny will realize that you are sending him on a fools errand. When he does say you thought he knew that on that he was in on the joke the two of you were playing on Mrs. Smith. This not only gives Johnny the gift of time and space but a sense of belonging as well. Johnny will also want to participate again so the next time you see him begin to get agitated, send him on a prank.

Other prank items I have seen teachers send students looking for:

wires for the wireless remote

white dry erase marker

ID-ten_T form (id10t)

left handed screwdriver (if they come back with one tell them they got the right handed one and send them back out).

Blackboard spackle

Pre-drilled nail holes

The list can go on and on.


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