Turning Down The Heat

Turning Down the Heat:
Preventing Conflict and Counter-Aggression in the Classroom.

Course Curriculum:
Educational Alternatives, through the LSCI Institute, is offering a new, one day, field tested course called Turning Down the Heat.

80% of classroom problems are caused by 10% of students who challenge and undermine teacher authority.

These students are skilled in frustrating adults and pushing the emotional buttons or even the most competent teachers. Most Teachers are irritated by the behavior of select, challenging students. This is to be expected. Few teachers are trained to understand and acknowledge these normal counter-aggressive feelings. Problems develop when competent teachers stay angry at a student. When a conflict develops, teachers are less likely to perceive accurately, think clearly, and reason coherently. Though competent teachers rarely initiate conflicts with students, they often keep them alive through their unintended, counter-productive reactions.
Turning Down the Heat documents four of the most common reasons that teachers become counter-aggressive with select students. This unique training offers specific skills to manage conflict in the classroom. Teachers will learn how to manage their counter-aggression when it is simmering, boiling or when it boils over.
Turning Down the Heat is a unique opportunity and the missing piece of most professional training programs. This course is about you and not your students. It leads to powerful insights which will change the way you think and behave when you are angry.

Who Should attend?
Classroom teachers, Aides, Special Educators, and School Administrators will benefit from attending this unique one day training opportunity.
Turning Down the Heat is perfect for anyone working with children in an educational setting and desiring to learn practical, effective skills for managing their responses to challenging students.

For additional information, please contact
Dr. Mitchell Beck
International Master Trainer/Regional Director
(860) 836-9207
Ben Beck
Senior National Trainer
(860) 965-2569
Or visit lsci.org

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