Blame the Friends

A unique strategy is the blame the friends routine.  “Look we all know Angel here is a nice guy and not the problem and you guys are always trying to set him up.  I’m surprised he hangs out with you.”  So when Angel acts out, you make a remark like this to the class at large.  It defuses Angel because he is not getting the struggle he wants and the others think you are on to them for whatever they ARE doing.  You can take this one farther for repeated episodes as well. “For your information, most of the teachers in this school really like Angel and the progress he is making this year.  We know he is getting blamed for the stuff you guys are doing.  Angel, I won’t ask you to rat out your friends but I know it is really not you to act this way.  I ough’ta bust your friends right now but I won’t out of respect for what you’ve had to put up with this year.” If you can keep it real enough, the student may stop to keep his friends out of trouble!

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