Deliberate Confusion

For some of your more “challenging” students, try a strategy of deliberate confusion.  One way to do this is to have the students make lists for you.  It keeps them in their seat and quiet for the most part.  For example, if a student says, “You always blame me for things,” have them write a list of things they got blamed for.  Tell them if they do this you will give the list to administration to look at (the trash can after class is as far as it really needs to go).  This confuses the student because they expect a battle over the excuse and not for you to agree and take it seriously.  Others lists could be “why this room feels like a prison”, “violations of my rights in here”, “methods I’ve used to stay awake in this boring class”, etc.  Whatever the excuse, have them make a list in writing.  If the same thing happens again, have them continue their list with their “new” issues.

(retrieved from Yahoo images)

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