Hi all. Welcome to the Educational Alternatives website. Here you will find some valuable resources within. If you know of any resources, I encourage you to feel free to share them here.  Please check back regularly as we are constantly updating the site with new information and techniques.  We have already put up some exciting links but I implore you to share any you might know.  It is only by working together are we going to change and reform education in this country.

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Star Wars in the Classroom.

rogues_anniversaryWhile I was browsing to find out what to do for this year’s May the Fourth in my classroom I found this wonderful and unique site. It is free to join and has a lot of resources for bringing Star Wars into the classroom. One of the founding members is Ian Doescher, author of the William Shakespeare Star Wars adaptions. The site can be found here.

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Teach Like Batman


As I was looking for a creative way to reach some difficult students, I found this blog article on how to be a better teacher.


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Danger of a Single Story

This is an excellent video from a TED talk about diversity and self image.

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Zombie Based Learning

This is a great curriculum invented by David Hunter. It is for Geography but I have adapted it to fit many subjects and you can too. I have added a link to the website under educational links. It is also inexpensive.  I am attaching the Powerpoint I used to pitch it to my administrators. Feel free to adapt it for your school.


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Leadership Service Learning Project

Hi all.

Here is a complete PBL Leadership lesson I designed for my Masters. I have taken out all the background information but all the standards and rubrics are included. This was designed with UBD. Feel free to adapt and use.

Service Learning



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Looking Down the Pike

Here is an interesting video about how, in my opinion, education reform should be.

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What Teachers Make

In this day where teacher bashing is common it is refreshing to find a voice that states how important a teacher really is.

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New Article

My new article has just been published and can be found in the current issue of  the journal Reclaiming Children and youth.

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LMS Update

I have done some tweaking of the mini exercise on Counter Aggression which can be found here:


the password is counter.


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New LSCI On-line

LSCI is now offering a two day online program that can be completed on your schedule. For more information please go the LSCI on-line page.

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